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Old School RPG Goodness

Seed of Pandora is a throwback RPG in the classic 16 bit pixel art style. Embark on an epic adventure across the continent of Pandora as you meet helpful companions along the way that will become lifelong friends. Discover the many secrets of this fully realized 16 bit world. Beautiful anime cutscenes bring the story to life with gorgeous hand drawn art. With a fast paced turn-based battle system Seed of Pandora feels like a game made long ago, but with many modern day quality of life improvements and an emphasis on fun gameplay.

The Story

The Kingdom of Garda, in the southernmost continent of Pandora. Here lies the great Gaia Tree, the tree of life. The seeds of the Gaia Tree are said to have given rise to all life in the world.

The Gaia Sect, a group of monks originally tasked with protecting the Gaia Tree, banished to the endless southern seas by the first King of Garda. They stood accused of heresy and abusing the power they derived from the Gaia Tree’s magical seeds.

Over a century has passed since the war against the Gaia Sect. The citizens of Garda enjoy a simple life of relative peace.

This is where our adventure begins…

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